Friday, December 2, 2011

The Bully Pulpit and the Bloody Pulp

Theodore Roosevelt didn't just keep himself alive in the Arena...
He also managed to keep his scoreless streak alive as well, which gives us an excuse to run this picture again:
Roosevelt vs. Gilliam
Theodore Roosevelt      21 (100.0%)
Mays Gilliam   0   (0.0%)

Another day, another perfect match for Roosevelt. No explanation is really needed as to why Roosevelt is doing so well. He's Teddy Roosevelt. We'd outline all of the reasons why he was seemingly built for the Arena, but you guys already know. The less said about it, the better off for everyone.

Theodore Roosevelt is scheduled to return to the Arena Feb. 6 for his Round of 16 match.
He will face the winner of next week's match: Ulysses S. Grant vs. Abraham Lincoln.

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