Hail to the Merch!

Look at these two, finely-dressed young gentlemen:
Don't you want to look just like them? Well, while we can't promise to deliver anything in the realm of the fine facial features our co-authors have been blessed with, you can look like them when it comes to their shirts, thanks to...
Hail to the Merch!
The official merchandising arm of
Hail to the Chief...
to the DEATH.

Hail to the Merch is brought to us by the fine folks over at Spreadshirt. Now, want to get in on some of this SWEET MERCH ACTION? Look no further! Below, you'll find pictures of all the merchandise we currently offer. You can click an individual item to learn more about it (and, you know, order it). Links should open in a new tab/window, if we've done our HTMLs correctly. Also, you can mosey over to the store proper by clicking here! And hey! Get your picture taken in some of our sweet merch, and we'll put said picture here*! Send your pics to chief2death@gmail.com with the subject line "sweet merch".


We'll be updating the store every so often, and we'll try and keep everyone apprised when new merch appears. The best way of being on top of these changes is to either follow our Twitter, or like us on the Facebook. Enjoy!

Here, you'll find the pictures of those who are daring and dashing enough to a) purchase some sweet HttCttD merch, and b) are willing to be seen wearing it. Let's get to the pics! (all pics can be embiggened through clicks)
HttCttD's official Artist, Tim Garcia, models his sweet purchase!
*slight disclaimers- we will not post your picture if said picture is offensive, crude, pornographic**, or otherwise nasty. Also, while we at HttCttD will neither willingly nor knowingly share these pictures with any other third-party sites, we cannot guarantee that your submissions won't get ripped off and used in an Eastern European phone card ad or some such.

**Ladies, if you are over 18, please don't let the previous disclaimer prevent you from sending in porn.