The Bracket!

Behold, the Official Bracket of the Hail to the Chief... to the DEATH tournament!
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About the Bracket: Seeding was determined more-or-less randomly. We say "more-or-less" because we started with four top seeds, a vague idea of other high seeds, and then we filled out the draw mostly randomly, but with an eye towards matchups we thought would be intriguing or funny (like the Clash of the Clevelands in Round 1). We also didn't want two fictional characters meeting in Round 1, so we arranged for that to not happen. Other than that, yeah, it was completely random! Mostly.

In case you can't read our lovely bracket, or are wondering who the hell we're talking about, check these links!

The Jackson Bracket The Marshall Bracket
Andrew Jackson James Marshall
William H. Taft Franklin D. Roosevelt
James DaleWilliam McKinley
Warren G. HardingDavid Palmer
Dwight D. EisenhowerWoodrow Wilson
David Rice AtchinsonThomas "Tug" Benson
Bill ClintonBarack Obama
Jimmy CarterAndrew Johnson
"Unnamed President"
(Billy Bob Thorton in Love Actually)
John Q. Adams
James MonroeFranklin Pierce
KangGerald Ford
James BuchananJohn Adams
Thomas J. WhitmoreJosiah "Jed" Bartlet
James A. GarfieldJohn Tyler
Thomas JeffersonLyndon B. Johnson
Mackenzie AllenChester A. Arthur
The Washington BracketThe Roosevelt Bracket
George WashingtonTheodore Roosevelt
Mike BradyBaxter Harris
Grover ClevelandMays Gillam
Grover ClevelandJames Madison
Ronald ReaganPresident Breyer
Rutherford B. HayesUlysses S. Grant
Nixon's HeadAbraham Lincoln
Martin Van BurenZachary Taylor
James K. PolkGeorge H.W. Bush
Harry S TrumanBenjamin Harrison
Calvin CoolidgeGeorge W. Bush
Julia MansfieldWilliam Henry Harrison
Richard NixonJohn F. Kennedy
Tom BeckDave Kovic
Jack RyanDwayne E.M.D.H Camacho
Millard FillmoreHerbert Hoover