Friday, December 30, 2011

Hit Your Interstate Highway System, Ike

Ike really knows how to make things interesting for us.
But Andrew Jackson saw to it that Eisenhower's luck would run out.

Jackson vs. Eisenhower
Andrew Jackson  23 (57.5%)
Dwight D. Eisenhower       17 (42.5%)

Eisenhower, whose 1st Round match had us scrambling to create a procedure in case of a tie, had Jackson on the ropes for most of the week. HttCttD staffers went to bed last night thinking another Eisenhower tiebreaker would be necessary, and with the commentariat split 2-2, the head offices would have had to have made an executive decision, which we hate to do. Ironic, since our blog is about chief executives of history and fiction. However, an overnight Jackson surge made this unnecessary, giving Old Hickory his first close call since the assassination attempt from Richard Lawrence.

Speaking of the commentariat, we would have to say that these were the best group of comments we've received in a while. As mentioned, they were split down the middle, all bringing up valid points.
This is a point we have made in the past. Say what you will about the Normandy invasion, Ike wasn't actually there mowing down Nazis himself.

While we bid farewell to Eisenhower, we would like to take a moment to recognize his delightful Twitter feed. He has been a following our blog since the beginning and we would like to note how much we appreciate his support and his entertaining tweets.
While some other Twitter campaigns for votes have irked us in the past, we were totally fine with DEisenhower34's self-promotion. Mostly because he didn't only speak up when it was his week, but he encouraged his followers to check us out regularly; unlike the mysterious flood of voters who visit only on weeks Bartlet is up.

So we'd like to thank Mr. Eisenhower for his tweets. We hope there are no hard feelings with this week's results, and we also hope you'll stick around to amuse us some more.

Andrew Jackson secures a quarterfinal appearance, which is scheduled for Feb. 20. Next week, Kang from The Simpsons will face Thomas J. Whitmore from Independence Day. This will be the only time a fictional president meets another fictional president in the Round of 16, and it is likely to be the last fictional meetup in the tournament.

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