Friday, December 9, 2011

Lincoln Logs Another Victory

The Great Emancipator set Ulysses S. Grant free from the shackles of the Presidential Gladiatorial Arena.
The 16th president is going to the Round of 16.

Grant vs. Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant   9  (37.5%)
Abraham Lincoln      15 (62.5%)

As we noted, we felt that it was a little awkward to have Civil War General Grant go up against his Commander-in-Chief. And given how highly they regarded each other and the fact that Grant reportedly wept openly at Lincoln's funeral, it almost makes this week's matchup cruel. Well, that's the Arena for ya.

While Grant was defeated, it doesn't seem that his feelings for Lincoln played a part. It was all Lincoln's wiry tenacity.
Technically, the ol' "mace in the stove-pipe hat" trick wouldn't fly in the Arena, but the other point is valid. Lincoln's got some pretty mad reach.

Lincoln will move on to the Round of 16, where he's scheduled to meet Theodore Roosevelt Feb. 6.
Tensions will surely MOUNT for that one.
I'm pretty sure people will be RUSHing to see what happens.
And when it's done, they'll be asking for MORE.

Next week, we put George H.W. Bush up against William Henry Harrison.

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