Friday, October 14, 2011

Reagan Gets Martin Van BURNED!

They call Martin Van Buren "Old Kinderhook," but Ronald Reagan learned this week that there's nothing kind about his right hook.
And this original Van Buren Boy earned a trip to the Round of 16.

Reagan vs. Van Buren
Ronald Reagan  5 (31.25%)
Martin Van Buren     11 (68.75%)

The voting was pretty neck and neck in the first couple of days. By midweek, Van Buren pulled ahead and left Reagan in the dust. However, neither combatant should be hard on themselves or their performance. If you combine the percentages in the above pie chart, it turns out that they gave 100.1%, collectively, which is pretty impressive.

There were a few theories floating around about how Van Buren could best someone much bigger and tougher than him. One of the commentariat found an answer in television.
Amen to that! If Seinfeld tells us New York has a street gang as mean as Van Buren himself, then New York has a street gang as mean as Van Buren himself. I just hope its members don't terrorize anyone who voted against Number 8.

Van Buren will meet George Washington in a Round of 16 bout scheduled Jan. 9.
Join us next week when Harry S Truman will face Calvin Coolidge.

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