Friday, October 21, 2011

Harry Gives 'em Hell

Harry S Truman has made sure that Silent Cal stops here.
Not only did Truman survive this week's fight with Coolidge, but he also survived the supposed end of the world. By the way, we'd like to wish our Harold Camping followers a happy and safe voyage to heaven on this supposed Judgment Day.

Truman vs. Coolidge
Harry S Truman     20 (76.9%)
Calvin Coolidge 6  (23.1%)

We'd have to say, Coolidge really didn't have much going for him in this fight, and the commentariat pretty much agreed.

It's almost fitting that this week's COTW should go to CotE:
After doing some light Internet research, we found out that this is apparently very true.
It actually makes for quite the entrance.
Suck it, Hail to the Chief!
At least, that's what the episode of Futurama titled Roswell That Ends Well says.

Although, while we at HttCttD are completely willing to buy into the idea that a former U.S. President used to be transported in crates of rations, we would be remiss if we did not clear up a misconception about the great State of New Mexico — the state whose fertile bosom was the birthplace of Hail to the Chief... to the DEATH.

There aren't any military bases near Roswell, at least not within a 2-hour drive. The atomic bomb testing site — the Trinity Site — is also about just as far from Roswell; not that that matters, because there were no atomic weapons tested during the entire year of 1947.

But all of that is fine, because A) Futurama is made by math and science nerds, not history nerds and B) some artistic license can be taken, especially if it's to create a universe where Fry is his own grandfather.
That last bit should have come with a spoiler alert, by the way.
Truman moves on to the Round of 16 and is scheduled to fight Jan. 16. Join us next week when Deep Impact's Tom Beck is set to face Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.

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