Friday, October 7, 2011

American Cincinnatus Cleaves Cleveland

The five-star general gave Grover Cleveland a five-star beatdown.
Actually, he did slightly better against Cleveland than he did against Mike Brady, which means he's just warming up.

Washington vs. Cleveland

George Washington 15 (93.75%)
Grover Cleveland (24)        1 (6.25%)

So, maybe Cleveland isn't that great of a fighter when he isn't against himself. We can't really say that surprises anyone in the HttCttD offices.

The HttCttD fact checkers couldn't find an instance of George Washington being in a duel. In fact, he appeared to discourage the practice. However, who are we to quash the imaginations of our readers fed by something they may or may not have learned in school several years ago?

George Washington moves on to the Round of 16 and is scheduled to make his next Arena appearance Jan. 9. Next week, Ronald Reagan takes on Martin Van Buren. See you then!

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