Friday, September 30, 2011

"I Lost," Jefferson Declared Independently

Thomas Jefferson must feel like this...
... because Thomas Whitmore blew it up in the Arena. Like a maniac.

Whitmore vs. Jefferson
Thomas J. Whitmore       18 (69.2%)
Thomas Jefferson     8  (30.8%)

You would think, in another world, these two would have plenty to pal around about. Both Toms have a really strong connection the Fourth of July. They would probably throw the biggest, baddest barbecue in the land.

Sadly, that's not what the Arena is all about.
It's about figuring out which presidents would respond to adversity by using the crane kick and which one would not. Sadly for Jefferson supporters, he is the latter.

Whitmore survives to see 2012 — coincidentally, the title of another Roland Emmerich film — and will face Kang from The Simpsons Jan. 2. Wait — the alien is going up against the alien killer? Great job, HttCttD voters!
Seriously. (Click for actual GIF-ness.)
Join us next week when George Washington faces Grover Cleveland (the elder).

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