Friday, September 9, 2011

One Out of Two is Actually Kinda Bad

King Andrew vetoed James Dale's ticket to the Round of 16...
... and given the final vote count, it's not likely Congress is going to override this one — not like Congress dared to override any of Jackson's vetoes, but whatever.

Jackson vs. Dale
Andrew Jackson      18 (94.7%)
James Dale     1  (5.3%)
Jackson started the 2nd Round off with a bang, nearly earning a perfect win. Unlike other near-perfectos, the lone vote for Dale came in the beginning of the week, so there was no frantic reloading of pages late in the week to see if the shutout would stand. Just an overwhelming steamroller-like march to victory.

This makes sense. After all, even Jackson's former foe knows that he's a force that won't be silenced easily.
Okay, WHT, you got a tough break, having to face Jackson first. With all due respect, where else would we put you? It was nothing personal.

Jackson will return to the Round of 16 scheduled for Dec. 26, which is — appropriately enough — Boxing Day. Next week, Dwight D. Eisenhower will face Bill Clinton.

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