Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh, One More Thing...

Now that we're into Day 3 of the 2nd Round, we thought we should clear up something we've meant to explain about later-round fights. Someone even asked us about it:
Really short answer:
It's entirely up to you, the voter.

Slightly longer answer:
It would certainly be logical to think that someone who did well in the 1st Round would be healthier than someone who barely scraped by.

The thing is, it's entirely up to you, the voter.

And now we're getting into lengthier answer:
In our debates, we talk about things that could happen in the ring, but these are all hypothetical situations usually brought up in the good name of smack talk. We never actually assign injuries to our victors. Why get caught up in such details when so much is entirely up to the voters?

However, it would be silly to ignore the fact that both of these guys were recently involved in a fight.

Instead of naming specific ailments that befall each fighter, we thought of using some sort of "Life Meter" system. Think of some fighting games like Mortal Kombat.
You can even say "Fatality!" in a deep voice if you want.
Both fighters would start with full life meters in the 1st Round.

We thought about having our guys starting their life meters in the 2nd Round based on how much of the vote they received in the 1st Round. For example: if someone got 84% of the vote, they go in with 84% power. This makes things needlessly complicated in a number of ways. Mainly, what do we do in the later rounds?

That being said, we think it makes sense that someone with 55% of the vote left his first fight more wounded than someone with 90% of the vote. So the 90% guy would be better healed than the 55% guy.

Of course, that's just one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is assuming that the 90% guy is a better fighter and probably wouldn't need to heal as much as Mr. 55%. It's really entirely up to you, the voter.

The fact of the matter is, voters are going to vote however they want. There have been some very unlikely wins in the 1st Round which, to us, means that voters sometimes don't even put the physical condition of either fighter into consideration.

So why should we bother devising some complicated system that will be promptly ignored?

We would prefer voters take original level of health and previous fight performances into consideration, but we can't make anyone do anything.

It's entirely up to you, the voter.

So, if you haven't already, get votin' in this week's fight between Andrew Jackson and James Dale.

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