Friday, February 3, 2012

There's Nothing Left But To Get Drunk

Yep, another win for Jed Bartlet. We hope he's not getting too big for his britches and making cocky moves like lighting up a cigarette in the National Cathedral.
Oh... well, I'm sure he's got the votes to back that sort of thing up.

Pierce vs. Bartlet
Franklin Pierce       21 (11.3%)
Josiah "Jed" Bartlet     165 (88.7%)

Another Bartlet week and another explosion of votes the first few hours followed by the normal trickle of votes the rest of the week.
Almost 300 hits in just one hour and over 700 hits on Monday. To put that in perspective, we had over 3,000 hits for the entire month of January.
Our readers bring up one of the main schisms we've encountered thus far, namely, how upset should we be when our silly blog yields a silly result? I mean, let's face it: this blog is silly. It's a presidential death tournament where the vast majority of the contenders are either already dead, or completely fictional. That's patently ridiculous. Yet, we here at the HttCttD home office take it rather seriously, and normally everything's fine, but then a Bartlet week rolls around, and things go plaid.

It's not that we dislike Bartlet (quite the opposite). In fact, Bartlet could have possibly made it to the quarterfinals, even without his droves of supporters who come by only when Bartlet's around -- though some of us believe LBJ would have presented quite the challenge. It's the fact that votes spike on his weeks and the fact that he's gotten 80-90 percent each time. Seems fishy, guys.

Hey, maybe we're wrong. Maybe we've picked up some fans as a result of people checking us out this week. If so, great! Welcome!

But, sadly, we most likely won't see a majority of these voters (most of which aren't even reading this because there's no way to vote for Bartlet in a Friday post) until next time.

Bartlet will return March 5 when he meets Barack Obama in the quarterfinal match. Wait, Obama vs. Bartlet? Liberals, your reckoning has come! Er, ahem. Next week, Theodore Roosevelt takes on Abraham Lincoln.

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