Friday, February 10, 2012

In Which a Bull-Moose Defeats an Elephant

A hearty "Bully!" echoes the halls of the Presidential Gladiatorial Arena.
No shutout, no confetti.
Much like how he led his Rough Riders to victory at San Juan Hill (oh, and also Kettle Hill), Theodore Roosevelt charges through to the quarterfinals

Roosevelt vs. Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt     27 (73.0%)
Abraham Lincoln    10 (27.0%)

Abraham Lincoln became the first fighter to get votes against Roosevelt, thus ending Teddy's perfect streak. And though the vote looked decidedly pro-Roosevelt, the commentariat was more evenly split.
This is something we hadn't considered. What if Roosevelt had a rough "get blinded in an eye while boxing" streak? It had happened once, it could have happened again. And with Lincoln's reach, he could have been the guy to do it. The voters didn't think so, though.

Roosevelt's quarterfinal match is scheduled for March 12. Join us next week for our final Round of 16 fight, George H.W. Bush vs. John F. Kennedy.

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