Friday, January 20, 2012

Truman Defeats Ryan

FOR THE RECORD: A headline in Friday's post incorrectly identified Harry S Truman as the victor in this week's fight. The headline should have named Jack Ryan as the winner.
We regret the error. It must be something about Truman that inspires wildly inaccurate headlines. To our defense, there was a lot more at stake when the Chicago Tribune made a similar error on the cover of its November 3, 1948 issue.
Truman vs. Ryan
Harry S Truman        21 (46.7%)
Jack Ryan   24 (53.3%)

We knew going in that this was going to be a close one. Truman led for most of the week, but Ryan turned things around and surged ahead in the last day of voting. This was one of our closest matches so far made more interesting by the fact that it marked the first time since the 1st Round where both fighters got more than 20 votes.

Though Ryan barely got more votes, Truman clearly dominated with the commentariat.
We'd like to thank DEisenhower34 for yet another insightful account of the history the textbook people are afraid to tell us. We had no idea that this was the reason behind that policy, nor were we aware of the basis of Samuel Jackson's persona. So educational!

We'd also like to pause for a moment to point out that the HttCttD blog was inaugurated a year ago today. Fifty-two eliminations, 263 comments, and 1,409 votes later and the real excitement hasn't even begun yet. Thanks to everyone for adding to our fun.

Ryan will go on and face George Washington in the Washington Bracket Finals, scheduled for Feb. 27.
Join us next week when David Palmer from 24 takes on Barack Obama.


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  2. You assholes....I fell for the headline. Me and Dewey...