Friday, January 6, 2012

Go Back to Rigel VII

Thomas J. Whitmore sent that space dirtbag back where he came from.
And judging from this photo we found from Whitmore's seedy past, he clawed his way out of living the life of a space dirtbag. So really, it was like he conquered his past demons or something.

Kang vs. Whitmore
Kang    6  (26.1%)
Thomas J. Whitmore        17 (73.9%)

Including Kang in this tournament was a fun little joke for us. While he was elected president under false pretenses which all took place in a single vignette of a non-canon episode that aired over 15 years ago, that was enough to earn a him spot in the Arena. It seemed as though he was unstoppable. This may be hard to believe, but the fact that Kang ended up in the same half of the bracket as alien-killer Thomas J. Whitmore was a complete coincidence. Either way, we're glad these two had an opportunity to meet up.

With DEisenhower34 no longer needing to prepare for future fights, he now has enough free time to return to our commentariat, which is great news for anyone who likes great comments.
Oh, how we'd love to see photos from that summit. It's great to have you back, sir. And thank you for not referencing While You Were Sleeping.

We're scheduled to see Whitmore again Feb. 20 when he faces Andrew Jackson for the Jackson Bracket Championship (which is a fancy way of saying "quarterfinals"). Next week, George Washington will meet Martin Van Buren.

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