Friday, January 27, 2012

Jack Bauer Drops the Ball

Even though he had a somewhat important speech to give this week, Barack Obama wasn't too distracted to handle the hazards of the Arena.
Obama made David Palmer's HttCttD dreams go up in smoke, much like one of those houses that burned down as a result of people trying to deep-fry their turkeys. (NOTE: We'll never understand why people feel it's necessary to take a camcorder to their televisions so that they could upload an insurance commercial and put it on YouTube, but I guess it came in handy for us in that previous sentence.)

Palmer vs. Obama
David Palmer       5  (23.8%)
Barack Obama 16 (76.2%)

It just occurred to us that the same insurance company that has President Palmer also has Liz Lemon's ex-boyfriend, Dennis Duffy, playing "Mayhem." The fact that these companies are able to throw so much away on advertising makes us believe that they could actually be spending that money on its customers instead. It's insurance. If people out there are switching companies because a CGI lizard told them to, then they deserve nothing. Stop throwing your money away.

Wait, who put that soap box there?

On Wednesday, we pointed out that both Palmer and Obama were/are the 44th President in their respective universes. We did forget to point out something else they have in common.
They're both quite handsome, aren't they? This was probably our handsomest matchup yet. Though, we imagine neither of them would look quite as good after a fight.

Obama is scheduled to appear for his quarterfinal match March 5. Join us next week when Franklin Pierce takes on Josiah "Jed" Bartlet of The West Wing.

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