Friday, March 25, 2011

Washington's Monumental Victory

He's known as the Father of Our Country...
And he administered the Father of All Wallopings on Mike Brady, becoming the first combatant to earn over 90% of the vote.
Washington vs. Brady

George Washington 37 (92.5%)
Mike Brady 3 (7.5%)

This should come as no surprise. To use a timely March Madness analogy, Washington is a No. 1 seed — hence, the bracket bears his name — and No. 1 seeds face the No. 16 seeds in the first round* of action. The No. 16 teams are usually just happy to make the tournament They know they're not going anywhere. Since the NCAA introduced the 64-team pool in 1985, the No. 16 seed team's record stands at a solid 0-108. This streak is bound to end sooner or later, but when it does, the upset won't come from the guy who sired one-half of this group:

However, say what you will about Mike Brady, one-third of his supporters felt so strongly enough for him to leave a comment.
Can't really say I argue with the logic here. If Brady were a robot, he'd probably win.

The fact is, he's probably not, which is why Washington's win was such a foregone conclusion that none of his supporters felt they needed to make any further points in the comments section.

Also: we'd like to give a quick shout-out to The Official Iowa Sports Blog of Hail to the Chief... to the Death: Black Heart Gold Pants. BHGP won this coveted title over their rivals at "All Eyes on Hawkeyes"** by throwing a bunch of traffic over the past few weeks. Thanks for reading, Iowans! Leave some comments next time, won't you?

George Washington is scheduled to fight in the 2nd round Oct. 3. He will face the winner of next week's match: Clash of the Clevelands.

*- and by "first round," we mean the real first round, without any of this ridiculous play-in nonsense
**- we may be making this part up, though if "All Eyes on Hawkeyes" actually did exist, we here believe it would be run by a bunch of jerks.


  1. Asking BHGP commentariat to post comments? Be careful what you wish for, and so on and so forth.

  2. Better your readers than the people who read "All Eyes on Hawkeyes." Nothing but grammatically incorrect arguments for geocentricity and incest.