Friday, March 4, 2011

Fooling These Earth Voters Is Easier Than Expected

This week, when you were sealed in the voting cubicle, you chose...

Kang from Rigel VII. Kang came very close to breaking the record for largest margin of victory, but Andrew Jackson still holds on to that feat.

Kang vs. Buchanan

Kang13 (86.7%)
James Buchanan2 (13.3%)

You know it's good times for you when you get the classic "Pac-Man" pie chart. Yes, in the end, voters decided that Kang would be able to survive long enough to beat up James Buchanan. But not everything is cut and dry, as our comment of the week points out.

This is how we like our readers: completely confused through no fault of our own. Though, if Xena or a Lucy Lawless character were ever to be made president, we know of at least one person who would vote for her in the arena. Coincidentally, Lucy Lawless, like Kang, had guest starred in a Treehouse of Horror episode. Number X... er, 10... in case anyone is interested.

We should also point out: we had two comments vying for Comment of The Week this time around. One proposed some form of hentai situation involving James Buchanan's ass. The other referred to Xena: Warrior Princess divesting herself of her leather bustier. One of these comments won COTW. Those of you looking to win this coveted award would do well to play to your audience.

At the same time, however: yes, of course Will Smith can be used to sway votes.

If he can lead a million people on a sing-a-long to the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then he can be used to sway votes.

Though, it doesn't seem like it worked in this case.

Kang is scheduled to meet James Monroe in the 2nd Round Sept. 19. Tune in on Monday when we introduce next week's fight: Independence Day's Thomas J. Whitmore vs. James A. Garfield.

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