Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twenty-Twos & Twenty-Fours

We think we did a pretty good job at laying out strengths and weaknesses of both Grover Clevelands, in terms of fighting ability. However, there are other ways to compare the numbers 22 and 24 that have nothing to do with Grover Cleveland. We don't think this comparison should sway your vote. If it does, then I guess we don't know what to tell you.

Apparently, the '00s brought us the songs 22 and 24, both from the U.K., both with somewhat depressing lyrics.

22 comes from Lily Allen.

24 is sung by Jem.

I'm sorry, I just can't get on board with a singer who goes by the stage name Jem. That's just truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.

ATHLETES (Controversial)

Roger Clemens — He totally bulked up and it had nothing to do with steroids. He's currently facing six felony charges, including perjury and obstruction of Congress.
Kobe Bryant was accused of sexual assault. While Bryant admitted to having an extramarital affair, the criminal charges were dropped. At this point, comedian Daniel Tosh would point out that Bryant as No. 8 was the rapist, not No. 24.
ATHLETES (From our favorite baseball teams, who have won World Series rings)
Jimmy Key, pitcher with the Toronto Blue Jays 1984-92, which included the Blue Jays' first World Series win in '92.
Art Shamsky played first base and outfield for the New York Mets 1968-71, including the Mets' first World Series win in '69. A favorite among Jewish sports fans, Jon Stewart named his dog after him.

The Twilight Zone had an episode titled Twenty Two. It was about a woman who was able to avoid her death because of dreams she had been having.

Number 24, The Monarch's henchman that sounds like Ray Romano.
Yes, we realize this is the second reference toThe Venture Bros. this week,
and that we should do a better job at spreading those out.
On the other hand, shut up.
Tony has read the book Catch-22, by Joseph Heller and seen the movie. I haven't done either. I know I should, and I will. Some day. In theory

I suppose we should mention the whole TV series was devoted to 24. It was called — let's see if I can get this name right — 24. It's apparently about Kiefer Sutherland kicking butt. Neither of us have seen it, but that's going to have to change soon since President David Palmer is scheduled to make an appearance in the ring in a couple of months.

If this helps you come to a better decision on who to vote for in this week's fight: Clash of the Clevelands, then we kind of feel bad for you. That being said, if you haven't voted yet, you should. If it's one thing both of these men agreed upon, it's the importance a good, honest vote.

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