Friday, April 1, 2011

Cleveland Rocks / Got Rocked

All the little chicks with the crimson lips declare it, so it must be true.
The victor in Clash of the Clevelands is... Grover Cleveland. Older Grover Cleveland.
Cleveland vs. Cleveland
Grover Cleveland (22) 17 (48.6%)
Grover Cleveland (24)18 (51.4%)

It was a tight race and was made stressful by the fact that the Blogger Poll Widget we use seemed to drop a bunch of votes. As one inebriated commenter noted, the race was deadlocked at 17 on Wednesday, but by Thursday, 22 had a 6-5 lead. 24 managed to pick up another vote at some point during the day, and at some point after midnight Friday, the votes came back. Well, most of them, anyway.

When polls closed, they showed a 15-15 tie, so we had a bit of a voter irregularity situation.

"Get this chad to an obstetrician, for I believe it is in a delicate nature."

Since we know it was 17-17 before votes vanished and that 24 got another vote, we're going with the assumption that the final tally is 18-17. The remaining missing votes may reappear, so the results may need to be updated.

Believe us, the vote count wonkiness is out of our control. If we were able to rig the races, we wouldn't take votes away, we'd add votes to make us appear more popular. And we wouldn't do it evenly, either. We'd give one side a thousand votes and hope no one calls bullshit.

Luckily, HttCttD Staffers spend a good portion of their waking hours hitting refresh on the Monday post as to get up to the minute voting results — which is kind of sad when you spread 35 votes over a period of 96 hours — so we're fairly confident this count is accurate.

Even if we're missing a vote for 22 — which would cause a tie — 24 would win the tie-breaking comment race in a landslide. Speaking of comments:

We were hesitant to give the Comment of the Week to jcv once again, as she is dangerously becoming the New York Yankees of the COTW, but she knows the best way to get us. Drop in references to Jim Henson's Muppet Babies and The Muppets Take Manhattan into a poignant thought about Older Cleveland's redemptive effort being stronger than his younger self's confidence. Kind of like how a young Rocky lost to Apollo Creed in the first movie, but beat him in the second.

If jcv took as much offense to being compared to the New York Yankees as we would, she'd probably stop commenting. To clarify, we don't want that.

Grover Cleveland (24) is scheduled to meet George Washington in the second round Oct. 3.
Be sure to check in with us next week when Ronald Reagan takes on Rutherford B. Hayes.

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  1. I am pleased that my drunken ramblings helped sort out this craziness, and also pleased that such shenanigans happened in Grover's battle because, as already mentioned: historical humor FTW.

    Only one (sober) request: Cliffhanger must be mentioned in Round 2 with all those Grover Clevelands spread over Gabe and Hal's mountain.

    It has been continued excellence from the authors here at HttCttD. Love the writing, fellas. Relevant, interesting, and funny are not all easy to pull off. Hats off to ya. I'll be back, maybe even leaving the Anonymous tag behind.