Friday, April 29, 2011

"You Lose"

Calvin never lost his cool.
That is the hat of someone who never loses his cool.
Julia Mansfield wasn't even able to muster one vote per Hail to the Chief episode.

 Coolidge vs. Mansfield
Calvin Coolidge 16 (76.2%)
Julia Mansfield       5  (23.8%)

We knew going in that it was going to be a quiet week in terms of votes. It wasn't expected to be a very exciting matchup. We had a guy who is known for being quiet and composed going against some obscure '80s TV character who, while strong-willed, doesn't seem like much of a fighter herself. In fact, this very point was made in the comments section.
It probably would be a pretty boring fight to watch in real life.

Coolidge moves on to the 2nd Round, though members of the commentariat will have us believe that it's going to a be a short ride. He faces Harry S Truman in the 2nd Round, in a fight scheduled to kick off Oct. 17.

Be sure to check us out next week when Richard Nixon returns, this time with the rest of his body, to face Morgan Freeman's Tom Beck from Deep Impact.

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