Friday, April 8, 2011

Hayes Makes Reagan's Day

The Great Communicator has spoken... with his FISTS!
Rutherford B. Hayes had a lead for most of the week, but in the last day of voting, readers really wanted to win one for the Gipper.

Reagan vs. Hayes
Ronald Reagan 28 (54.9%)
Rutherford B. Hayes    23 (45.1%)

It may be much closer of a victory than Reagan is accustomed to.

Okay, this map might be an exaggeration.
After all, Mondale did win the electoral votes in the District of Columbia.

What was with the sudden influx of Reagan votes? Who knows? Though Eric may have touched on a few points.
Since we're the type of people to examine and pontificate on the finer points of The Brady Bunch Goes to the White House, we hope Eric doesn't mind if we parse this comment.

Single-handedly brought down communist Russia by winning an arm-wrestling match with Mikhail Gorbachev? We don't remember this happening. However, Over the Top is on at least one of our Netflix queues — as it has been a while since we've seen this fine film — so we're willing to take your word on this until we rediscover this film.

Bullet to the lung and walking into the "mother-F**KIN ER"? Check.

Kept a pimp hand strong? Yes, fine. Nearly a quarter of the commentariat has requested this, so here you go (it's actually pretty interesting to watch, because it's Ronald Reagan slapping someone):

We, however, are trying to remember Reagan having any part in Super Bowl XXII. Though with that second quarter that the Redskins had, we suppose it's possible.

Since Hayes won't be saved after the fact, like with the Compromise of 1877, we will lay him to rest. If this will be his place of death, then we should at least make mention of Hayes' birthplace being featured on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. While we're at it, we can make fun of Stewart's circa 2002 hairdo.

Ronald Reagan is scheduled to be back for 2nd round action Oct. 10.
Next week, Nixon's Head (from Futurama) takes on Martin Van Buren.

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  1. Why is Don Draper alive and involved in a movie that old? Is Don Draper real?