Friday, April 22, 2011

The Truman Show

Just out of habit, the Chicago Tribune went with another Truman-related inaccurate headline.
What, you didn't see this coming?
For the record: Truman actually ran away with it.

Polk vs. Truman
James K. Polk14 (29.8%)
Harry S Truman    33 (70.2%)

What's interesting is that though Truman clearly dominated the voting, there weren't any comments supporting him. Even someone signing his comment as presharrytruman conceded that maybe Polk has this one sewn up. That wasn't the only presidential comment we got.
Ike provides an interesting peek into history while stirring up trouble with the Truman commenter. What follows is a brief back-and-forth that helps us picture the Nov. '52 to Jan. '53 White House transition playing like a Jack Lemmon-Walter Matthau movie.

These are the sorts of interactions we here at HttCttD headquarters truly cherish.

Harry S Truman moves on the 2nd Round and is scheduled to fight again Oct. 17. Next week, Calvin Coolidge will meet Julia Mansfield from the short-lived 1980s ABC sitcom, Hail to the Chief.


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