Friday, March 16, 2012

What Else Do We Have To Say?

Once again, Theodore Roosevelt earned his place on another Rushmore. He's apparently very sculptable.
(NOTE: Yeah, we know this isn't a picture of Mt. Rushmore. This photo was taken sent to us by one of our loyal readers visiting Houston where they apparently have 20-foot tall presidential busts just lying around.)

Roosevelt vs. Kennedy
Theodore Roosevelt      39 (88.6%)
John F. Kennedy       5  (11.4%)

We can't help but notice that this week, we had less than 7% the number of votes than the last week. What did we do to offend those other 657 voters? I guess we'll just never know.

This was the biggest (non-Bartlet) win since George Washington's 95% victory over Martin Van Buren in the Round of 16. Washington and Roosevelt really know how to bring the pain into the Arena. Our commentariat seemed to think JFK didn't have a chance.
Hmm, maybe we should install security cameras for the parking lot. Not to keep things like that happening, but to ensure that a Teddy vs. Teddy fight would be recorded and kept for the ages.

Roosevelt moves on to the Rushmore Four and will fight Barack Obama in a Semifinal match March 26.
Join us next week, when Andrew Jackson and George Washington battle for a spot in the HttCttD Championship.

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