Friday, November 11, 2011

A Round of 16 We Can Believe In

No one bothered to tell Barack Obama that Thomas "Tug" Benson was indestructible.
And now he's on his way to the next round.

Benson vs. Obama
Thomas "Tug" Benson        4  (23.5%)
Barack Obama 13 (76.5%)

Benson's a tough guy. He took a break from his rigorous re-election campaign to take part in a secret military operation at the age of 80. Our Comment of the Week, though on the losing side, didn't think that Benson's power should be underestimated.
Mandelbaum ain't the #1 Dad anymore.

We should also call attention to Doug's claim that Obama has never been involved in a lightsaber duel. Librahawk set the record straight.
Tony was later quoted as saying "Holy shit! That's fantastic!" We have no clue if he was referring to Obama wielding a lightsaber against a fencer or if he was reacting to Doug being proven wrong. It's probably a little of both.

Obama will return to the Arena for his Round of 16 fight against 24's David Palmer, which is scheduled Jan. 23. Join us next week, when Franklin Pierce meets Gerald Ford.

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