Friday, November 25, 2011

"In Case You Were Wondering, 'Boy, the Great Society, I Don't Know,' Is When I Decided to Kick Your Ass"

Jed Bartlet wasn't born wanting to do this.
But, you know, sometimes you find yourself in an Arena, forced to fight other presidents to the death. Bartlet did what he had to do; he got rid of LBJ.
Bartlet vs. Johnson
Josiah "Jed" Bartlet      81 (81.0%)
Lyndon B. Johnson 19 (19.0%)
Once again, Bartlet supporters came out in support of the West Wing president. Most of those votes showed up on Monday, and after the initial surge, votes for LBJ came in at a nearly 1:1 ratio to the Bartlet votes. Unfortunately, for LBJ, Bartlet was up 60 votes by then. To top it off, we happened to get an even 100 votes this week, which made figuring out the percentages pretty easy.

While the votes were overwhelmingly in favor for Bartlet, the commentariat was split down the middle.
And we have to say that the pro-LBJ comment had a bit more... we hesitate to use the word "flavor," but something like that. There was also a slight concern that if Miss Litella's comment wasn't chosen this week, she'd just call us a bitch under her breath.

Bartlet is scheduled to return to the Arena Jan. 30 when he takes on Franklin Pierce in the Round of 16. Be sure to check in with us next week when Theodore Roosevelt meets Chris Rock's Mays Gilliam from Head of State.

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