Friday, November 4, 2011

Does Wheelchair Basketball have a Final Four?

David Palmer didn't need the help of Jack Bauer (or Larry Bird).
He was able to take care of the guy confined to a wheelchair all by himself. Barely, but that's besides the point.

Roosevelt vs. Palmer
Franklin D. Roosevelt     11 (47.8%)
David Palmer12 (52.2%)

Once again, FDR brought in an unusually high number of votes, given his inability to walk. But we didn't get a single comment explaining why. Some of Palmer's backers spoke up.
"Assinine," indeed. Plus, who doesn't like a good Karate Kid reference? But this brings up a good point: people voting against FDR aren't voting against his presidency. FDR's was mostly great. Maybe we could have done without him turning away Jews trying to escape the Holocaust, or interring the Japanese -- point of note, Mr. Miyagi's wife died in an interment camp -- but he helped beat the Great Depression and the Nazis. That being said, he probably wouldn't do so well in a physical fight.

Palmer will go on to the Round of 16, scheduled Jan. 23.
Next week, Thomas "Tug" Benson from Hot Shots! Part Deux will be facing Barack Obama.

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  1. Just had to comment on this one. Laughed my ass off while sitting on my ass, though in my desk chair, not my wheelchair. :)