Friday, November 18, 2011

Fierce Like Pierce

Drinks are on Pierce!
Though, we should warn you, he probably has a head-start on you, and he may not even know why he's celebrating.
Pierce vs. Ford
Franklin Pierce       10 (55.6%)
Gerald Ford   8  (44.4%)
Both guys had good looks, military backgrounds and less than great presidencies. It's no surprise that the results were as close as they were. It's not as if Ford had nothing going for him.
Ford may have practiced his punches on Homer (we're assuming that was in a deleted scene), but he was still a better neighbor than George H.W. Bush.

This marks the second week in a row where Chancellor of the Exchequer gave us the Comment of the Week, despite the comment's support of the loser.

Franklin Pierce moves up to the Round of 16, and is scheduled to fight again Jan. 30. Join us next week when Josiah "Jed" Bartlet of The West Wing faces off Lyndon B. Johnson.

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