Friday, May 13, 2011

Hell Comes to Blogtown

Jack Ryan became The Sum of All Fears for Millard Fillmore.
"Here's my card, in case you want another beating."
This shouldn’t really be a surprise as Ryan was in the No. 2-seed spot.

Ryan vs. Fillmore
Jack Ryan26 (76.5%)
Millard Fillmore      8 (23.5%)

Not to put Fillmore down, but this really wasn’t an upset in any way. We put Ryan in the No. 2 spot for a reason: he’s Jack Ryan. We didn’t even consider the fact that Ryan may be confused in this world we created, which would make him angrier.
We wouldn't want to detract from this week’s Comment of the Week, but some members of the commentariat may have been unable to share their wisdom and philosophy. Anyone wanting to leave a comment for us anytime after yesterday evening was greeted with this:
Don’t worry, we got the same message. This explains why this post was close to being late or why we were unable to check out the traffic source for that strange, but welcomed, spike in votes we got last night. We’d blame some Friday the 13th curse, but this nonsense started yesterday, and no one ever talks about Thursday the 12th — though they probably should.

Jack Ryan advances to the 2nd Round and is scheduled to face Deep Impact’s Tom Beck Oct. 24, which should be interesting, because it isn’t the first time a Morgan Freeman character has crossed paths with Ryan.
"Psst! It's on, pretty boy."

Join us next week, when Blogger will hopefully allow us to bring you the first match of the Marshall Bracket: Air Force One’s James Marshall vs. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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