Friday, May 27, 2011

He's In Good Hands, And Not Just With Allstate

Isuro Tanaka be damned, David Palmer proved that he really does have marbles.
"Really, guys? A Major League II reference?
Oh well, I guess it's not the worst Major League movie I've been in."
Though, it should be noted that William McKinley didn't go down without a fierce fight.

McKinley vs. Palmer

William McKinley     11 (45.8%)
David Palmer     13 (54.2%)

The vote involving the president from the TV series 24 had a total of 24 votes. Things were pretty neck-and-neck for most of the week. So much so that HttCttD Staffers were making preparations for a tie and for a double-tie.
DEisenhower34's use of the word "balltastity" wasn't lost on us. Neither was alluding to McKinley wetting his pants as "yellow journalism." Oh, DEisenhower34, your comments amuse us in your own DEisenhower34 way.

We'll hear from David Palmer again in the 2nd Round. His matchup against Franklin D. Roosevelt is scheduled for Oct. 31. Be sure to check back with us next week when Woodrow Wilson fights Thomas "Tug" Benson from the Hot Shots! movies.

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