Friday, May 6, 2011

"I am NOT a crook... or the winner of this fight."

It looks like Hail to the Chief... to the Death won't have old Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.
Tom Beck handled a massive cataclysm. Surely, he's be able to handle Nixon.

Nixon vs. Beck
Richard Nixon    10 (43.5%)
Tom Beck      13 (56.5%)
I don't know if Beck's coolness played a factor in his winning. If that's the case, then Nixon can thank his lucky stars he didn't go up against Morgan Freeman's Easy Reader from The Electric Company.

That guy would look super cool falling down while trying to ice skate. Not that ice, skates nor gravity would allow such a thing to happen to Easy Reader.

While Beck was significantly less cool than Easy Reader, he is still quite cool. How cool? He didn't even need any comments coming to his defense.
It should be known that when we got the idea for picking a Comment of the Week, we were hoping we would be naming the best Comment of the Week and not simply pointing out the one comment we would get that week. However, William Howard Taft brings up a few good points. Mainly, the fact that Nixon's not much of a fighter and that most of his votes are possibly from former Presidents of the United States who can't bear to see a fictional guy advancing over someone who actually held the position.

We will hear from Tom Beck when his 2nd Round fight is scheduled to face off Oct. 24.
Next week, Jack Ryan (yes, he was president in three Tom Clancy novels) will take on Millard Fillmore.

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