Friday, May 20, 2011

Marshall Has Nothing To Fear...

... but a righteous kick to the ass itself.
That whooshing you just heard was the sound of everyone's HttCttD office pool going to shit.

Marshall vs. Roosevelt
James Marshall17 (41.5%)
Franklin D. Roosevelt     24 (58.5%)
I just wanted to clarify one thing — everyone out there is aware of the fact that we're asking our readers to vote on who would most likely win in a fight, right?

We have video evidence of how Marshall would do in a fight:

Now imagine if Ivan Korshunov was wheelchair-bound. That would have been a short fight in Marshall's favor.

Eric, winner of this week's COTW, gets it:
For the record, we didn't pick this because he sided with who we thought would win, but because of the pitch-perfect Star Trek reference. A Star Wars reference would have been better — or at least one that didn't refer to Greedo shooting first.
Seriously. Also, you can buy this shirt here.
The commentariat was in top form this week, with mentions of Annie and the Marshall Plan. And to answer the question of FDR's placement in the bracket: yeah, we were basing everything on how well we think they'd do in a fight, not on presidential abilities. We didn't do a perfect job, but we figured with the paralysis and other health issues, FDR belonged in the would-be No. 16 spot because he probably wouldn't fare very well.

Boy were we wrong.

This is why we brought this to the public. We thought the guy who killed terrorists with his bare hands would be a shoe-in for the Ultimate Quad (we're not married to that name, but, you know, Final Four is probably trademarked by someone). Our voters saw differently.

We will hear from Franklin D. Roosevelt again when he is scheduled to make his 2nd Round appearance Oct. 31. Stay tuned next week when William McKinley takes on David Palmer from 24.

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