Friday, January 21, 2011

The Father of His Bracket

Friends, Romans, countrymen, et al. The HttCttD Staff is proud to introduce... the Washington Bracket!

This bracket's participants can boast the longest time span of service. It ranges from George Washington, who was sworn in in 1789, to Nixon's Head, who will take office in the early 31st century. While we're on the subject of Nixon's Head, it should be noted that he is the only entrant that has no affiliation with the title President of the United States. His title is actually the President of Earth. He's also the wild card of the bracket, since he's pretty much a head in a jar. Who knows if and how he will make that work for him?

Another point of interest:

Grover Cleveland vs. Non-Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland2 (12.5%)
Non-Grover Cleveland14 (87.5%)

We'd be lying if we said we weren't looking forward to the first round matchup of Grover Cleveland (22) vs. Grover Cleveland (24). That fight is going to be a massive throwdown for the ages and in the end, only one Grover Cleveland will be left standing. That Grover Cleveland has the misfortune of likely meeting George Washington — fresh off his fight with mild-mannered architect, Mike Brady — in the second round. Washington is expected to kick as much butt in this pool as he did in history.

How will the guy that ended Reconstruction hold up against the guy who called for the destruction of the Berlin Wall? Silent Cal can keep it cool, but can he hit a woman? Will Polk defeat Truman, or will that be just another erroneous headline from the Chicago Daily Tribune?

Will Nixon be able to dominate long enough to eventually face his own head? Not if Deep Impact's Tom Beck and Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan has anything to say about it and I can't imagine they would go down without a fight.

Beloved readers, if you can get past the fierce winter, then you will be rewarded with the Washington Bracket — scheduled to kick off during the equinox on March 21.

The Washington Bracket: this time, it's Vernal!

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