Thursday, January 20, 2011


Welcome to Hail to the Chief... to the DEATH, the blog that pits presidents — past, present and fictional — against each other until one is left standing.

You've read the description, you've seen the bracket. Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty:
  • You, the readers, will choose the winners. The president with the most votes moves to the next round.
    • We'd develop a needlessly complex system of counting votes, in the spirit of the Electoral College, but we've got better things to do than to invent such ridiculousness. Plus, we'd find by not pandering for votes in swing states, it will cut the number of trips to Ohio we take.

  • Each Monday morning at 9 a.m. Mountain Time, a post will announce a fight and the poll will open. Voting will close that Friday at 9 a.m. and a winner will be announced at noon.
  • One vote per reader, please. If you get crafty and vote multiple times, then you're just sad. If you invent a computer program to stuff the ballot box, you're even sadder. Trolls will be considered the saddest. We ask everyone to consider the following.

  • This is coming from two guys who are spending their free time running a blog that imagines presidents having fake fights, which is admittedly moderately sad to begin with.

  • We encourage voters to give explanations as to why they're voting. Thought-provoking, outrageous, whatever led you to your decision. Best answers will be shared.

  • These hypothetical fights take place while the presidents were in office, not while they were at their physical peak.

  • These fights will be of a "two man enter, one man leave" nature, only we will go a bit beyond the Thunderdome. There will be no weapons, nor will any participant be wearing any armor. It will be more like Fight Club, only people are allowed to talk about it.
(n.b.- We here at "Hail to the Chief... to the Death" intend that this blog be for wise-ass only purposes. We do not condone, nor do we encourage, violence against any president, former or current, living or dead, real or fictional. If you yourself harbor violent thoughts against any president in our bracket, please calm down, breathe into a bag for a little while, then drive yourself to the nearest FBI office and turn yourself in, because... seriously.)
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  1. President Bartlett vs. Harrison Ford from Air Force One!

    This blog is going to be awesome.