Friday, January 21, 2011

You Must Pay the Price if You Wish to Secure the Bracket

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, presidential combat enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes, and creeds, I give you... the Jackson Bracket!

Lots of interesting stuff in here. Let's break it down:

Fictional vs. Non-Fictional

Fictional5 (31.25%)
Non-Fictional10 (62.5%)
David Rice Atchison1 (6.25%)

As we can see, the fictional presidents, strictly on numerical terms, might have a hard time coming out of the bracket. And that's without David Rice Atchison giving the non-fictional presidents an even bigger edge; we can all agree that DRA is in a class all his own.

Now, what about presidential eras? Well, of those non-fictional presidents in the bracket, the breakdown is:

Non-Fictional Era Breakdown

19th Century5 (50%)
20th Century5 (50%)

Well, at least the math was easy this time around.

As for individual battles, I've gotta say, the most tantalizing might be the Clinton vs. Carter matchup, or as one might put it: the Battle of the Late 20th Century Southern Democrats. The Internet Boom vs. The National Malaise! Terhan vs. Waco! Impeachment vs. Swamp Rabbit! Yes, my friends, this is the sort of matchup we're salivating over here at the HttCttD offices.

But that's not all! This bracket features a few intriguing wild cards! There's the aforementioned Atchinson, whose story I'm sure everyone is already familiar with. For you non-history geeks and nerds out there, Atchinson is a constitutional anomaly who took the oath in lieu of Zachary Taylor whose inauguration fell on a Sunday and didn't want his inauguration interfere with his day of worship. Though he never considered himself president for a day, we here in the HttCttD Staff think it's good enough to make the pool.

There's also Billy Bob Thorton's oily president from Love Actually. Could he, even without a name, take out a Founding Father? And how will Kang, the only non-human entrant in the entire field, fare?

Looking ahead, an intriguing Sweet 16 matchup looms in Jackson vs. Eisenhower... provided, of course, that Old Hickory and Ike both make it that far. And Independence Day's Thomas Whitmore lurks towards the bottom of the bracket, looking to Eagle-One, Fox-Two his opponents into submission. Don't sleep on a guy who survived a dogfight with aliens, is what I'm saying.

This, the Jackson Bracket, will be the first one tackled when Hail to the Chief... to the Death! kicks off this coming Monday. We hope you're all suitably prepared!

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