Friday, January 28, 2011

Charles Dickinson's Ending

Charles Dickinson was an attorney who killed over 300 people in duels. His long career was ended with a duel against Andrew Jackson in 1806.

Over 300 pounds of William H. Taft would later learn the same defeat in the Presidential Gladiatorial Arena™.

Andrew Jackson vs. William H. Taft

Andrew Jackson
33 (86.8%)
William H. Taft
5 (13.2%)

The gap was as wide as Taft himself.

So, this resounding win spilled over into all three of the comments left in the post. We would have to credit mala for bringing us the best one.

I actually misread it as "badasses" too, which gives a lot of weight to this argument.

As for the other comments; of course we're going to make Jackson fight in the early rounds. It makes for good Cinderella stories. They make Kansas play in early rounds of the NCAA tournament and look what happened last year. They lost in the 2nd Round.

A dream is a wish your heart makes, people.

Has this orphan turned-princess taught you NOTHING?!

Judging from what a reader told me, I'm guessing that Taft got some votes because people just couldn't say no to the big teddy bear. Or they couldn't bring themselves to vote for the guy responsible for the Trail of Tears.

Jackson's 2nd Round fight is scheduled to take place Sept. 5.
The next fight up is James Dale of Mars Attacks! vs. Warren G. Harding.

See you Monday!

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