Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get Off My Bracket!

Moving on to what is arguably the roughest, toughest bracket of them all... the Marshall Bracket!

Between these 16, they share five assassination attempts (two successful), one terrorist plot, one impeachment AND one light saber duel between them. Assassination aside, I'm not even counting everything else David Palmer of 24 goes through. That guy's term was NUTS! Three of these guys succeeded presidents who died while in office, so their proximity to death kind of gives them some street cred by association.

Back to Palmer; early on in Marshall Bracket action, he faces other assassinated president, William McKinley. Don't think too hard about the logistics of two assassinated presidents, one of which is fictional, engaging in a fist fight. Just know that it will be quite the showdown.

Jumping down to the bottom of the bracket are two successors to assassinated presidents. Johnson may have been able to eventually win an election, but that won't necessarily help him against Chester A. Arthur and his Muttonchops of Doom.

Other contenders to look out for:
Tug Benson, The Admirable Admiral who is president in Hot Shots! Part Deux. He's old, he's clueless, but his Mr. Magoo-like indestructibility may serve him well in this pool.

Barack Obama, our current president.
Again, we here at "Hail to the Chief... to the Death" intend that this blog be for wise-ass only purposes. We do not condone, nor do we encourage, violence against any president, former or current, living or dead, real or fictional.
That being said, the man's in good shape and could probably stick around for a while.

Josiah Bartlet had a pretty eventful presidency — though nowhere near Palmer's — all the more to make him more fierce against his first opponent, His Accidency, John Tyler.

But, I'd have to say the HttC...ttD Staff is keeping an eye on whether or not father-son duo of John Adams and John Quincy Adams could dispose of their foes in the first round in order to face each other in the second.

Marshall Bracket action kicks off on May 16. Birth date of Vice President Levi P. Morton, who served under President Benjamin Harrison, who is not in this bracket, so I don't know why we're bringing it up.

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