Friday, August 5, 2011

Rough, But Unready

Life is a bowl of cherries.
But for some people like Zachary Taylor, that's not a good thing.

Lincoln vs. Taylor
Abraham Lincoln     11 (84.6%)
Zachary Taylor   2  (15.4%) 

While in real life, this may have been a pretty interesting fight to watch. But in the end, Lincoln finished with a pretty wide margin. Let's turn to our comment section to see if there's a reason why Taylor got no love.

Well, that's okay. I guess that means that no one had any reason for voting the way they did.

That also means that someone could have left a comment that simply said, "Boobs," and it would have easily won Comment of the Week. Of course, knowing us and our interest in the subject matter, a comment that just says "Boobs" would have a decent chance to begin with.

Lincoln moves on to the second round where he scheduled to fight Ulysses S. Grant Dec. 5.
Next week is our first of two Bush-Harrison fights as George H.W. Bush takes on Benjamin Harrison.

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