Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Prematurely Placed "Mission Accomplished" Banner

Harrison must have planted some well-placed coughs onto George W. Bush.
Because he came out the victor in this week's fight.

Bush vs. Harrison
George W. Bush   9 (39.1%)
William Henry Harrison      14 (60.9%) 
It was a lively week, getting the most comments and votes in a long time. A lot of the comments brought up some great points, but jacqui brought us our favorite:

At the risk of editorializing — which we generally try not to do on the Friday posts, but it's hard sometimes because we're a teensy bit invested in the project as a whole — what is it about seeing George W. Bush's name on a ballot that makes people vote for the wrong person?

(To be fair, there were some good points made for William Henry Harrison winning, however most of his supporters seemed to be in the "@#&$*% Dubya" camp. That's... maybe a less-compelling reason than we usually hope to get from our readers.)

William Henry Harrison will face George H.W. Bush in the 2003 World Series 2nd Round, which is scheduled Dec. 12. Next week,  John F. Kennedy will meet Dave from the movie Dave, possibly our most youthful fight yet.

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