Friday, August 26, 2011

Profiles in Winning

Ask not what the 2nd Round can do for you...
...ask what you can do in the 2nd Round.

Kennedy vs. Kovic

John F. Kennedy      11 (73.3%)
Dave Kovic     4 (36.7%) 

Hats off to the comatose William Harrison Mitchell for somehow outliving his more healthy stand-in.

After watching this video, it's a wonder why we even bothered posing this question this week:

Though, actually, I don't know how much of this song is accurate. Judges will conduct tests to investigate the song's charge that JFK was replaced with a robot before entering the ring.

QUICK NOTE: We had a video ready in case Dave won. Because whose Friday couldn't use a little Gilbert & Sullivan? (Okay, maybe most people.)

This week's COTW was brilliant in its simplicity. But sadly, its author didn't even want to take credit for it.
If you don't get this joke, then clearly your project this weekend is to watch A Fish Called Wanda. Kline won an Academy Award for it.
This picture was taken the same month he married Phoebe Cates.
It was a good month to be Kevin Kline.
JFK will advance to the 2nd Round, scheduled Dec. 19. Next week is a matchup we've been looking forward to here at the HttCttD Offices: Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho from the 2006 film Idiocracy vs. Herbert Hoover. Not because it's a fight between two guys name Herbert, but because it is the final fight of the 1st Round. Be sure to tune in for that.

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