Friday, August 12, 2011

Read His Lips...

George H.W. Bush shined like the thousand points of light in his First Round fight.
He went all Operation: Desert Storm on Benjamin Harrison.

Bush vs. Harrison
George H.W. Bush 10 (66.7%)
Benjamin Harrison         5 (33.3%) 

Before we continue, there is some unfinished business that we forgot to include in Monday's post:
We here at "Hail to the Chief... to the Death" intend that this blog be for entertainment and wise-ass only purposes. We do not condone, nor do we encourage, violence against any president, former or current, living or dead, real or fictional.
That should be clear at this point, but we feel it's necessary to include it in posts involving still-living presidents.

It was pretty even for most of the week. Harrison even had a lead for some time, but Bush pulled picked up some late supporters and his lead only grew from there. Though the vote count was close for a bit, the commentariat showed absolutely no love for Harrison.

Because really, what could stop his fists?

George H.W. Bush will return to the Arena for his 2nd Round fight scheduled for Dec. 12. Next week: Bush vs. Harrison. No, it's not a rematch. George W. Bush will face William Henry Harrison. Will the second round feature a Battle of the Bushes? We'll find out!

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