Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Musical Bushes (and Harrisons)

Bushes and Harrisons don't just dominate in politics, they've left their mark on music as well. And we're not just talking the singing bush from The Three Amigos.

Bush was the name of a short-lived Canadian rock group from the early '70s. Some of its members went on to join groups like The James Gang and The Guess Who.

They were kind of a big deal at the time, but they're not very well-known today. Since their memory didn't survive much past their time, a British group 25 years later possibly didn't know the name Bush wasn't available for the taking. While the newer Bush had more commercial success, Domenic Troiano of the older Bush, still owned the rights to the name. As a result, the newer Bush had to go by Bush X in Canada.
And Bush X album covers had to be printed in a horrible quality.
Okay, not really.

A couple of years later, Troiano and Rossdale, of the other Bush, reached an agreement saying that the new band can use the name in Canada if Rossdale donated $20,000 each to two charities of Troiano choosing.

We'd post a video by that Bush, but meh. You know what? You want the video for Glycerine, go and YouTube that. We'll wait while you do that, that's fine.

And then there's the one Harrison who wrote this song for their kind of ridiculously influential band:

George Harrison was known as "the quiet one" in The Beatles. Though he was quiet, he had a pretty spectacular sense of humor.

We don't know why we're pointing any of this out, though. When it comes time for you to vote in the Bush vs. Harrison matchup, we hope you don't depend too heavily on your opinion of the music of Bush vs. the music of Harrison.

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