Friday, June 10, 2011

Yes He Can!

Barack Obama did what the 40th Congress couldn't — he got rid of Andrew Johnson.
Yeah, it wasn't even close.

Obama vs. Johnson
Barack Obama19 (90.5%)
Andrew Johnson      2    (9.5%)

We hope that people didn't vote for Obama out of fear of the Secret Service. Fear has a way of mucking up a perfectly good democratic system. At the same time, we hope Johnson's two voters won't have to fear the Secret Service.

Obama is the second combatant to receive over 90% of the vote, but was unable to surpass George Washington's 92.5%. Really, his athleticism was a major help.
Good point. That one incident with Rey Decerega aside, Obama supposedly rules any court he play on.
He's dunking OVER LeBron!
Now, we'd also like to take this time to address another charge that was brought up in the comments-- that Hail to the Chief... to the Death has a liberal bias! While we understand how one might think that way, especially given the outcome of this week's match, nothing could be further from the truth! To put this issue to rest, we had The Chief interview HttCttD co-author, Tony Forbes.

The Chief: Mr. Forbes, what say you to the charge that your blog has a liberal bias.

Tony: Well, I think it's a bit ridiculous, to be honest. After all, have you seen the car I drive?
Tony: There's no way anyone with a liberal bias is going to get caught dead driving an SUV around.

The Chief: Sound judgement. But, that's sort of an odd cropping job on your car there, isn't it? Can we shift that over a little bit?

Tony: Um, no. No, you don't need to do--

The Chief: There we are...
The Chief: Wait. What's that?

Tony: What's what?

The Chief: Zoom in! Enhance!
Tony: Well! I think that's about all the time we have, so--

The Chief: Not so fast. Zoom in!
Tony: ...

The Chief: For shame, sir.

Tony: *flees*

Doug: *shakes his head as he watches Tony flee* Pfft. Liberals.

The Chief: How much did you donate to Howard Dean for America?

Doug: *flees*

The Chief: Well, these guys may be pinkos, but they have no control over their voters.

Obama is scheduled to meet up with Thomas "Tug" Benson of the Hot Shot! movies Nov. 7. Next week, John Quincy Adams takes on Franklin Pierce.

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