Friday, June 3, 2011

Looks Like the Other Hand Is on the Other Foot

For the second week in a row, the fictional president has just squeaked by.
Woodrow Wilson may have preached about the Fourteen Points, but our voters only gave him eight votes.

Wilson vs. Benson
Woodrow Wilson 8  (42.1%)
Thomas "Tug" Benson     11 (57.9%)
Our voters thought that Benson just proved to be too willing to fight anyone. Wilson may not have needed any speechwriters as he was already eloquent enough on his own, but maybe he could have used some help in the Arena. However, according to Commenter of the Week Timbo, even that wouldn't have helped against Benson:

We'll see Benson again in the 2nd Round, where he's scheduled to appear Nov. 7. Be sure to check us out next week as Barack Obama takes on Andrew Johnson.

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