Friday, June 17, 2011

Three Sheets to the WIN

First Mexico City. Then Winifield Scott. And now John Quincy Adams.
Handsome Frank was able to pull out quite the win.

Adams vs. Pierce
John Quincy Adams      6  (35.3%)
Franklin Pierce11 (64.7%)

Adams and Pierce were pretty much tied all week until the last 24 hours of voting, when the Pierce contingent woke up and gave him nearly two-thirds of the vote. That would sound much more impressive if there were more than 17 votes this week, but what are you gonna do?
We were intrigued by this new name in the commentariat. Firstly, because it's a new name. Secondly, was this person born in late-September to mid-October, or are they just into books? We don't know and we probably don't want to know. We like the mystery.

We also liked the link, the interest shown in a presidential biography and, most importantly, the phrase "combat-hardened sexbomb."

We'll meet Franklin Pierce again in the 2nd Round Nov. 14. Next week, Gerald Ford takes on John Adams.

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