Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hail to the... Merch?

If you've been following the blog for long, you already know that, on Wednesdays, we usually take the time to drop in something historical/smartassed about one or both of the week's contenders. Well, not this week! This week, we're announcing a new feature on the blog! What is said feature? We'll give you a hint:
Figured it out?

That's right, your Hail to the Chief to the Death co-authors have succumbed to their base, capitalist instincts, and have opened a little shop where you can but official HttCttD merchandise! This is clearly exciting news. How exciting?
GIF from here, if you were wondering.
Yup. Just about that exciting.

Anyhoo, if you want to check out the store, you can do that one of two ways. You can head directly to our Spreadshirt store here, or you can check the new "Hail to the Merch!" page, above. Either way, we look forward to providing you with high-quality HttCttD merch so that you can gird your loins with style!

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