Friday, February 11, 2011

¡Ike Carumba!

Dwight D. Eisenhower went all Omaha Beach on David Rice Atchison.

Only it wasn't all that decisive.

Eisenhower vs. Atchison

Dwight D. Eisenhower
7 (50%)
David Rice Atchison 7 (50%)

For the first time, we had to employ some sort of tiebreaker. We had no official tiebreaker on the books, so much like when William Henry Harrison died while in office, we had to make a decision on the spot and hope that the electorate accepted it with as little civil unrest as possible. Only, for us, our decision wasn't as easy as just giving the vice president the keys to the Oval Office.

We decided to count comments. While the vote was split at 7, the comments section was decidedly in favor of Eisenhower.

And leading the charge of pro-Ike comments was Elsinore524:

Which begs a very important philosophical question: What is a sleeping racist without his mob?

In the meantime, the HttCttD Staff will work feverishly on getting tiebreaker rules on the books.

Now, about this low-voter turnout.

We here at HttCttD HQ would like to remind you that despite the fact that we're dealing with two people fighting each other mano-a-mano, this is NOT Fight Club. You CAN talk about Hail to the Chief... to the Death. To anyone.

Unfortunately, a Super Bowl ad was just a few million dollars out of our advertising budget, so we're pretty much depending on word of mouth.

Tell friends, tell co-workers and share our links. The more people who get involved the more fun it is for everyone.

That being said, thank you to our loyal readers and voters.

Keep reading.
Keep voting.
And keep commenting.

Dwight D. Eisenhower's 2nd Round fight is scheduled to take place Sept. 12.
Stay tuned next week as two Southern Democrats from the late 20th century enter the arena. Bill Clinton vs. Jimmy Carter.

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