Friday, February 25, 2011

The Doctrine Is In

Don't call it a comeback.

As of yesterday morning, Thornton's president was trailing by a pretty big margin. Then his supporters came roaring in. Well, it's probably more fair to say "trickling in," as it wasn't enough to push him ahead of James Monroe.

Unnamed vs. Monroe
Unnamed President8 (36.4%)
James Monroe 14 (63.6%)

What it might boil down to is that the fact that Unnamed President doesn't have a painting of himself like the one of Monroe seen above. By the way, anyone have an idea why the painting shows the White House on fire? That happened on James Madison's watch, not Monroe's.

The comment of the week argues that fight all comes down to the name.

How good of a fighter could he be if the guy didn't have a name? Valid point — ignoring the irony that it's coming from an anonymous source.

By the way, that bit about the two Monroes being related needed some extra investigation. If you consult Google, the first item in the search essentially tells you this:

It sounds like a valid answer for about a fraction of a second. Then you realize, wait, that doesn't really answer the question at all. Mostly because Marilyn, like most people, was related to her own grandmother.

Digging deeper, I found that she said in her autobiography that she had been told that she was related to Mr. President at some point in her life, but there was no evidence to backing up a relation.

So what do all the people know about the Monroes? Apparently nothing.

James Monroe is scheduled to return for his 2nd Round match Sept. 19.
Next week, things get a little intergalactic as Kang from The Simpsons takes on James Buchanan.

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