Friday, July 29, 2011

Voters Not Taken for Granted

Ulysses S. Grant finished the week feeling like 20,000 $50 bills.
Real $50 bill too. Not just the ones with fake serial numbers and the word "SPECIMEN" printed on them to keep counterfeiters from counterfeiting. We digress.

Breyer vs. Grant
President Breyer3 (25.0%)
Ulysses S. Grant       9 (75.0%) 

And we had a record-breaking voter turnout, which we would be excited about except it's the bad kind of record-breaking. It could be that presidents that no one has ever heard of are real vote-killers. People have heard of Grant though. Who knows?

We had a brief, but interesting, debate on the mortality of cartoon characters. Librahawk pointed out that cartoons can, in fact, die.
I think it all depends on what cartoon universe the character belongs to. True, Maude Flanders died — though, I thought it was a freak T-shirt cannon accident — but let's not forget that Homer Simpson fell down Springfield Gorge.

In The Venture Bros. universe, characters do die. In fact, in the same episode President Breyer was featured, Soviet cosmonaut Lt. Anna Baldavich died when Gargantua-1 crashed.
R.I.P. Lt. Anna Baldavich — the butterface who went to space.
Though, to bring up Timbo's brought up Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which brings some depth to the debate. When toons meet with live action people, the only way the toon can be killed with by Judge Doom's Dip.

By the way, why would a toon invent a way to kill toons?

We'll see Grant again in the 2nd Round, which is scheduled to take place Dec. 5.
Next week, Abraham Lincoln will take on Zachary Taylor.

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