Friday, July 22, 2011

The Head of State (For This Week, Anyway)

Mays Gilliam's plucky can-do attitude served him well, once again.
He just squeaked by, but isn't that Gilliam's way? He's the little underdog who could, although we're not sure how much of an underdog he was in this match.
Gilliam vs. Madison
Mays Gilliam8 (53.3%)
James Madison     7 (46.7%) 
It was pretty close for both sides all week. Madison came within one vote of tying it up in the final hours of voting, but that last minute "surge" wasn't enough. (We can't really call getting a single vote in the course of a day a "surge," can we?) Even if Madison had gotten the tie, he would have lost in the tiebreaking comment-off.

Speaking of which:
There are a few good points here. Mainly the fact that if Gilliam were to meet up with the namesake of the high school where Chris Rock was bullied mercilessly, it could spell revenge time.

It kind of makes me wonder what would happen if Veronica Sawyer were to meet up with Paul Westerburg, actual namesake of the high school in Heathers. Would she get tricked into faking the suicide of a few popular kids again? 

Or if Sandy Dumbrowski were to meet up with Phineas T. Rydell, fake person I just made up who would supposedly be the namesake of the high school in Grease. Would she put on some tight leather pants and sing about how the two of them will always be together? These are questions we may never know the answer to.

Two things we do know is that Mays Gilliam is scheduled to face Theodore Roosevelt Nov. 28 and that President Breyer of The Venture Bros. will fight Ulysses S. Grant next week.


  1. I went to Calderon Jr. High School.....better hope no one by the name of Calderon crosses my path!

  2. Wait, so by this logic, I should have some sort of irrational hatred for... Albuquerque.

    I'm not sure this works.